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I have many years of experience in the medicine of small

For over a decade I work mainly in the field of veterinary orthopedics and neurosurgery.
In these areas I am fully competent in the whole treatment process - from the clinical examination to the postoperative rehabilitation.
My orthopedic and neurosurgical techniques are in accordance with the latest world standards.
I have extensive experience, as well, in soft tissue surgery - abdominal, thoracic and reconstructive.



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For patients

As a freelance surgeon, I am a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases.

The way I work requires that the consulted patients are not emergency (i.e. to permit planned work).

I perform many types of orthopedic, neurosurgical and soft tissue operations, as well as, consultations and treatment in other fields like oncology, upper respiratory tract diseases (e.g. brachycephalic syndrome) and plastic reconstruction of soft tissue defects.

For additional details about consultation and appointments, please see here.

For veterinarians

I offer collaboration in the diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases, expertise and systematic approach to the patients.

My main field of expertise is orthopedics and neurosurgery, but I also have extensive experience in abdominal and thoracic surgery.

I do clinical and specialised examinations of patients with orthopedic and spinal diseases, as well as vast numbers of surgical interventions.

Here, you can see details and a list of the performed diagnostic and surgical procedures.


Title Author
Hip dysplasia Dr Zlatinov
Patellar luxation Dr Vladislav Zlatinov
Intervertebral disc disease Dr V. Zlatinov
Cranial cruciate ligament disease / rupture Dr V. Zlatinov
Additional details for veterinarians Dr V. Zlatinov
Additional details for patients Dr V. Zlatinov
More about me Dr V. Zlatinov

Appointments are booked here.

The exams are done in Ortoclinica, Andrey Saharov blvd., bl. 245, Mladost 2, Sofia


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